Advertising and Partner Policies

How we maintain our independence

- None of the advice found on the site generates us any revenue, so you can be sure it’s free from any financially orientated motivation or kickback.

- We’re 100% independently owned and therefore no other company or institution has any vested interest in Which Offshore.

- As expats ourselves we understand firsthand the trials, tribulations, successes and joys of living an offshore lifestyle.

- We don’t sell any services or products and we make sure the advertising on the site is free from conflicts of interest.

How we sustain the site

Which Offshore is a small but growing organisation with increasing numbers of full time staff, financial consultants, and tech teams that make the site possible. Whilst we are driven by the desire to provide as much free information as we can, we are also underpinned by the need to earn enough money to pay our dedicated team members and continue to grow the site into something increasingly useful for you. Unlike other sites which operate on subscription revenues, we prefer to keep our site free of charge so that you can easily access the information you require.

In some cases, we choose to partner with approved Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) who can progress the advice we offer by helping you to act on it. Such organizations are able to offer you products and services that allow you to realise the financial opportunities that may be available exclusively to you as an expatriate. Should you read our advice and wish to incorporate it into your financial planning, we can help introduce you to a trusted IFA that is suited to you and your needs. Should you choose to do business with them, we will then receive a small commission for having referred you. This cost is not incurred by you, but rather is paid by the IFA. Whether or not you want to do business with them is entirely your choice.

We don’t have any proprietary or vested ties with the companies we choose to partner with and we don’t build relationships with them – we simply conduct research and choose those which are the most competitive and trustworthy. Our primary objective is to provide free unbiased advice and information. If we can help you further by highlighting certain companies that will benefit you, then all the better. We always choose partners who we trust to give you the most accurate information and offer you the best deals on the market.

Unlike some of our competitors who only supply information based on what makes them money, no section or information on our website generates revenue. The only revenue we earn is if you choose to do business with one of our selected partners because it benefits you to do so. For this reason, we are confident that all of the information and advice found on Which Offshore is 100% impartial and free of any outside influences and corporate interests.

Ultimately we hope that you do choose to work with our partners. We’ve selected them for a reason – they’re good, fair and competitive.